Students in several schools have been granted a 9-day continuous vacation

Private schools in Abu Dhabi informed the students’ families to suspend the study for a week, starting from next Monday until Sunday, so that the duration of the students’ leave after adding the weekend leave, 9 continuous days, and described the decision as the mid-term leave of the first semester, indicating that the study will stop from Saturday 15 October, while students return to their classrooms on Monday 24th of the same month.

The schools explained that the holiday is an opportunity for students to catch their breath and review what has been studied since the beginning of the school year, in addition to giving teachers time to determine the level of each student and develop academic support plans for students who are behind in school, noting that the students’ families have a role during this vacation in identifying the level of academic support. their children's school and participate with them in the educational process.
The Department of Education and Knowledge had indicated in the "Private Schools Policies Manual" that the school principal can discuss the school calendar with the school's board of trustees, provided that each school submits its school calendar 8 months before the start of the school year to obtain the department's approval, and that schools are obligated to provide The annual school calendar to obtain the approval of the department within the specified period, and to inform the school staff, students and parents of the school calendar.