Sudden decision Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia receive a decision to expel migrants and their families residing
Sudden decision Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia receive a decision to expel migrants and their families residing

The crowds of foreigners in Saudi Arabia were shocked when the expatriate workers' communities in Saudi Arabia were surprised by the decision to expel the expatriates and their relatives residing officially. Here are the details.


The Saudi authorities issued a sudden decision, today, Thursday, regarding the crackdown on foreign immigrants and their expulsion from the Kingdom, by an official decision.

Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, the Minister of Labor and Social Development, made a decision to localize occupational safety and health jobs for giant, large and medium enterprises, in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund Hadaf.

The Kingdom had revealed the implementation of an integrated plan for Saudization of jobs, and began implementing it in several areas recently such as communications, dentistry and other jobs that ultimately lead to the expulsion of residents in favor of providing employment opportunities for citizens.

Saudi Arabia decided, since the middle of 2017, to impose and implement fees on expatriate workers and their families residing with them inside the Kingdom, which prompted a large sector of foreigners in the Kingdom to leave without return.

Al-Rajhi indicated that the decision aims to enhance safety and health practices in a manner that contributes to protecting the safety and health of workers and the preservation of property and the environment, and to promote the creation of attractive job opportunities for male and female citizens in various regions of the Kingdom in the private sector, and to contribute to strengthening the concept of attractive work environment and to raise the level of citizen participation in the market the work.

The decision includes two main levels for occupational safety and health officials: the professional and the practitioner, a localization time plan, and a guide to the occupational resettlement plan that includes the introduction and explanation of what is meant by gradual recruitment and Emiratisation, targeted activities, minimum resettlement, and Emiratisation requirements.