employee salaries
employee salaries

Swindlers take over the salaries of employees and workers through their bank cards through a demonic ploy that enables them to steal bank workers' cards in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Salaries of employees by bank cards
The Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah witnessed the repeated erection of and the seizure of a network of residents of an Asian nationality on the salaries of employees and workers who cannot carry out withdrawals from the ATM as security investigations revealed that 3 residents of Asian nationality are demonic trick that enables them to steal the cards of their victims from bank workers and steal their contents from Money.

A monument network seizes salaries with their bank cards
The three residents were swindling and defrauding workers and people who were unaware of using bank cards to withdraw their salaries at the ATM.

The monument network targeted and monitors the category of workers and people who are unaware of how to use their bank cards by standing next to them and offering them help to them, so that they can obtain the password and then quickly replace the bank card with another and delude the person that the card is not valid and that they have to check with the bank branch.

Once the worker leaves the card owner, the thief withdraws the money in the account of the victims, one of them withdraws the money and the second monitors the site so that the first can withdraw the balance in full.

The incident was repeated a lot, and the security authorities were informed by the victims to inform the competent authorities, and the surveillance cameras were reviewed to reach the accused, they were identified and overthrown and they were brought to trial.

The trial of the monument network after seizing the salaries of employees and workers
The tribunal headed by Judge Fathi Al-Qala 'announced the date of its next scheduled session to pronounce the verdict on the monument network consisting of three individuals, according to what was published in the Emirates newspaper today.