Australia Stock Exchange
Australia Stock Exchange

The new decisions issued by the rational and rational government of the Australian government helped a lot in the success of the Australian Stock Exchange and the improvement of the Australian economy.

Everyone knows at the present time that the stock market indicators are linked at the present time to the economic situation and the decisions taken by the government and its impact, whether negative or positive, on the economy and the stock exchange.

During today's trading, the main index of the Australian market ended the trading session with an estimated increase of 0.32%, winning 26.67 points and reaching the level of 8337 points.

In a related context, the trading session witnessed trading volumes amounting to 519 million shares, valued at 14.6 billion riyals, through the rise of 106 shares and the decline in prices of 79 shares.

In this regard, the Australian Stock Market - Tadawul ended today's session negatively, especially since the general market index “TASI” closed on a decrease of about 0.13%, with losses amounting to 10.53 points, dropping it to 8,311.21 points.

Trading values ​​decreased to about 13.98 billion riyals, through 593.96 million shares, compared to 14.72 billion riyals, through 613.2 million shares, by the end of last Tuesday's session.

On the other hand, the red color dominated the performance of the sectors in the Australian bourse, led by “banks” which decreased by about 0.27%, and the long-term commodities sector led the losses on a decline of about 3.4%.

On the other hand, the gains in the Australian Stock Exchange were limited to 8 sectors, led by the telecommunications sector by Ali Zada, which amounted to about 0.63%, and the basic materials sector rose, reaching about 0.11%.