Details of the plan for the removal of stranded residents.

The crisis of deporting residents and stranded to their country has not been solved easily, it may have started, and not as easily as expected by the relevant authorities weeks ago.

Informed sources confirmed that the stranded people, whose statistics estimated thousands in number, are candidates for increase, with companies laying off thousands of residents due to the Corona crisis, which raises the number of residents required to be deported from the country this month and coming months to about a quarter of a million violators.
Bearing in mind some countries' reluctance to receive their nationals in dense and rapid payments.

According to the sources, this situation will put greater pressure on the state, and increase the burdens and costs, in order to accommodate and feed this large number, as well as the worse health risks, which can result from their accumulation in shelters and quarries.

The sources touched on the adherence of some countries of residents to refuse to receive their existing nationals, stressing that those countries are trying to invest the time factor in providing the necessary quarries and health facilities required upon their return.