corona virus
corona virus

The high number of coronavirus people living in the UAE، Register a new case of new corona virus.

The UAE announces the discovery of new cases that were actually infected with the emerging corona virus, bringing the number of people with new corona in the country to 8 cases, while health authorities reported that all the infected people so far are residents.

The Corona virus had first appeared in the UAE among a Chinese family and it was discovered that all 5 family members had been infected with it, and shortly after that it was announced that two additional cases had been discovered, one of which was a Filipino nationality, bringing the number of people infected with the Corona virus in the UAE to 7 cases, and then the authorities surprised All UAE citizens and residents report that a 70-year-old woman of Chinese nationality has been able to fully recover from the new Corona virus. Indian citizenship.

Announcing the increase in the number of Corona casualties residing in the Emirates
In this context, the UAE health authorities represented by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection issued an urgent statement in which they revealed the diagnosis of a new case of coronavirus emerging in a resident of Indian nationality.

Health authorities reached the new case while reviewing those in contact with previous cases currently receiving treatment, as it was among those in contact with the case that the UAE recently announced.

According to the latest statement issued by the UAE health, the number of cases discovered in the country is only 8 cases since the disease appeared to this day.

Cured virus
It is worth noting that the UAE Ministry of Health surprised the public two days ago by announcing the day before yesterday about a case or condition that had cured the corona virus inside the UAE, which is a Chinese woman.

A statement of the UAE Ministry of Health regarding the high number of people infected with the Corona virus
On the other hand, the Ministry of Health issued a new statement in which it reported the stability of most of the cases that were registered with the Corona virus, but it excluded one case that it declared was in critical condition and was placed in intensive care and excellent care is provided to it and it is closely followed by a full team of high-level consultants, According to what was published by the Emirates News Agency and mother.