UAE: 100 thousand free licenses to be granted to employees on the “Government 01” platform

The United Arab Emirates: "Tawfeedh" grants 100,000 free licenses to employees on the "Government 01" platform.

The Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources has signed a memorandum of understanding with “Government 01” company specialized in government sector technologies, including “Government 01” platform, the first Arab platform for government innovation, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of employees of ministries and federal entities, and consolidating their culture of innovation and knowledge. Under the memorandum, 100,000 free use licenses will be provided on the (Government 01) platform for federal government employees within the basic paid package on the platform, allowing employees to benefit more from the rich and huge educational content provided by the “Government 01” platform in many fields.

The authority confirmed that this cooperation serves the authority’s strategic goals, which are represented in developing human capital in the federal government, enhancing employees’ skills and experiences, and upgrading their knowledge, by providing them with the opportunity to benefit from the various educational programs, materials and tools provided by the “Government 01” platform, which It will contribute to the development of their capabilities, and enable them to keep pace with the requirements of the rapidly changing global labor market.