UAE: 238 job establishments offer new jobs

A statistic conducted by "Emirates Today" on the extent to which institutions and establishments affiliated with the private sector interact with the federal government program and platform "Nafis" to raise the competitive efficiency of national cadres and enable them to fill jobs in this sector in the country during the next five years, revealed that the total number of companies registered with the government employment platform as partners It reached 238 employers offering thousands of jobs and training opportunities for national cadres.

The “Nafis” program falls under the umbrella of the “50 Projects” programs and initiatives that aim to achieve a qualitative shift in the development path in the UAE and develop the national economy system, by supporting the private sector by employing 75,000 citizens over the next five years, at a rate of 15,000 jobs for citizens. annually.

According to the statistics, the list of “Nafes Partners” of private sector institutions included a large number of national companies with multiple branches and a variety of major international activities, specializing in 10 business sectors: “trade, industry, health, construction, economy, tourism, investment, law.” In addition to the technical and professional sectors”, most notably at the national level “Al-Futtaim Group, Al Masaood Group, Union Coop, Al Naboodah, Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding, and National Environmental Services”, while the most prominent international institutions participating in “NAFES” were represented by “Amazon, Siemens, BW” C, Projector & Gamble, Standard Chartered, Rotana Hotels, ABB.

The Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Council stated that the objectives of employing citizens with the initiative’s partners in the private sector are based on several requirements, standards and controls, including the actual number of employees for citizens, and the type of job or training program provided to them, stressing that any company from the private sector can contribute to «Nafis». Through the sharing of job vacancies and training programs, without setting a specific number of jobs that can be offered within one year.

On the Nafes website, the council stated that there are five types and categories of incentives and benefits that encourage institutions and private employers to join the Nafes program. The second is to increase the attractiveness of the private sector to citizens through child allowances, support for training programs and salaries, in addition to raising the skills of citizens with certificates to meet the requirements of the private sector, as well as searching for national talent within one central platform, and finally, enhancing the company’s In-Country Value Index.

The Council stressed that registering companies with the Nafes platform and obtaining the benefits of the Nafes programs allocated to them is essentially an optional procedure.