UAE adopts a new system for the weekly work

United Arab Emirates suddenly changes the weekly work system, and adopts the official holiday on Saturday and Sunday of each week, as the UAE announced today, the transfer of the weekend to Saturday and Sunday, provided that Friday will be half a working day.

​At the beginning of the weekly meeting, the UAE government announced today the new system of weekly work for the federal government sector in the country, to be four and a half working days, from Monday to Thursday.

The half-day working day will be on Friday, and the weekly holiday will be on Saturday and Sunday, starting from the first of January 2022, provided that Sunday, January 2, is an official holiday to be applied for the first time.

UAE adopts a new system for the weekly work

Through this decision, the decision will be applied to all entities in the federal government sector in the country, where the official working hours will be based on the new decision from 7:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday (8 working hours), and from 7:30 AM to 12:00 noon on Friday (4 and a half hours).

And the working hours in government schools in the country will be announced later, according to the Emirati agency “WAM”. The interest of the workflow in these bodies, and based on the decision, the timing of the Friday sermon and Friday prayers has been standardized, to be at 1:15 pm at the state level throughout the year.

Hence, the new weekly work system will enhance the UAE's position on the business map as a global economic center, as it will contribute to strengthening the integration of the national economy with various economies and global markets.

It enhances its important and effective strategic position in the global economy, especially that this new system of weekly work will ensure that the days of exchanges and commercial, economic and financial dealings coincide with the countries that adopt the weekly holiday on Saturday and Sunday of every week.

The adoption of the new system of working days and weekly holidays will support the financial sector, as it will harmonize with working days in international stock exchanges and financial markets, in addition to international banks, and thus the new system will enhance the performance of stock markets, banks, insurance companies, and foreign trade in the United Arab Emirates.

The new system of weekly work in the UAE is expected to support improving performance and productivity in government work, enhancing the country's competitiveness and consolidating its position among the most attractive countries for work and life in the world. The new system will also establish the flexibility of government work and its ability to quickly adapt.

And that with any changes and developments around the world, and it will enhance levels of performance and productivity, and consolidate the quality of life in the work environment, and the new system of working days and the weekend in the UAE will contribute to enhancing family bonding and community cohesion, and enhancing the quality of life for employees, especially with the extension of the weekend to be Two and a half days.

Which will work to achieve a balance between personal life and work requirements, and enhance the interdependence between employees and their families, and allow them to enjoy a longer weekend (from noon on Friday until Sunday evening), which will reflect positively on family relations, and contribute to raising productivity and performance at work in a way. general .

In this regard, the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources has submitted a proposal for the new system of weekly work and included it with normative studies at the level of countries in the region, as well as a comprehensive feasibility study to monitor the expected results in terms of raising labor productivity in the government sector.

And revitalizing the economic movement in the UAE by increasing local consumption, as well as strengthening family and societal relations in general.