His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum emphasized the role of the Federal Tax Authority in managing, collecting and implementing federal taxes and achieving economic diversification for the country by following best practices in increasing revenue

Today, Tuesday, the Federal Tax Authority of the United Arab Emirates warned against responding to fraud messages that may reach some people via e-mail or text messages.

The authority indicated in a statement, that these messages are requested through personal financial or banking data on the pretext that the value-added tax will be refunded to the recipients of the messages, stressing that the authority does not require people to disclose their data in any way through the messages.

The Authority clarified in a statement that the refund operations of the tax-eligible categories are carried out by direct mechanisms between the Authority and the taxpayers without any intermediaries.

And she confirmed that she has not authorized any banking, financial or accounting authority to request data, collection or refund of the tax on behalf of the authority.

The authority clarified that it communicates with the registrants directly through the latest electronic systems available through the website of the authority, which meets the safety standards in financial transactions.

She pointed out that tax refunds are made only through official systems using the bank's IBAN number for each registered with the authority, through the regulated systems and electronically linked to the central bank.

This came in a press release issued by the authority today as a comment on the receipt of some bank customers by e-mail (emails) from unknown destinations impersonating banks or other institutions, and asking the recipients of these messages to provide them with personal data related to the name, credit card number, identification number, etc., and it claims that They will be refunded VAT using this data.

The authority stressed that the bank number (IBAN) of each registrar through which the tax is refunded to categories eligible for redemption is already included in the electronic systems of the authority, so it will not be requested from people by any means, whether by email, text message, or No other way.

She clarified that the official systems through which the tax refund for those eligible for recovery are linked electronically between the Federal Tax Authority and its registrars and are dealt with using the tax registration numbers known as (TRN) (TRN), with procedures characterized by accuracy, maintaining the confidentiality of data, and the inability to Access it in any way that may be subject to electronic piracy.

She emphasized that all registration services, submission of tax returns, the return of the tax to those legally eligible for recovery, and other services or instructions for registrants and taxable persons are carried out in simple steps in a few minutes through the online services portal available around the clock through the Authority's official website.