UAE: Introducing 6 conditions for issuing work permits

A few hours ago, the United Arab Emirates announced the creation of 6 conditions for the issuance of "work permits" in order to complete work procedures in the country.

In this context, the executive regulations of the Federal Law Decree on the process of regulating labor relations in the United Arab Emirates have identified about 6 conditions necessary for the issuance of new work permits.

On a related level, new amendments were introduced in the latest decree, which is the latest in the updates regarding the law regulating all labor relations in the Emirates.

It is noteworthy that the recent updates decree entered into force on February 2, 2022, as part of the continuous preparations for the next fifty years, through a package of laws and legislation necessary for the future, which largely correspond to the requirements of that important stage in the future, to achieve The best approach is in line with the changes in the world of work that do not stop changing.

Conditions for issuing work permits:

1- The worker must not be less than 18 years old.

Excluded categories:

(Juvenile Work Permit - Student Training or Employment Permit).

2- The worker’s fulfillment of the conditions stipulated in the legislation in force in this Order, in the specialized professions or in other jobs that require obtaining a license to practice the profession.

3- The agreement of the profession in which the worker will work with the activity of the establishment.

4- Validity of the facility’s license, and there are no violations that require suspension of its activity.

5- Submitting an application for a permit from the legally authorized signatory on behalf of the facility.

6- Compliance with any other conditions issued in accordance with human resources and Emiratisation decisions.