UAE: New visa for job seekers without a guarantor

Within the executive regulations of the Federal Decree Law Concerning the Entry and Residence of Foreigners, which was issued this week, the UAE government has introduced a new visa of its kind, a work exploration visa.

The UAE government stated that this visa was created with the aim of facilitating the entry of skills and competencies to explore job opportunities available in the country and without a guarantor or host within the country. It is also granted to graduates of the top 500 universities in the world (according to approved international classifications), provided that no more than two years have passed since the person’s graduation, and that the minimum educational level is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
The government has also introduced, within the new visa system, a work assignment completion visa, and this visa is allocated to accomplish a temporary work assignment or to work on probation for a temporary period of time so that the guarantor is the employer in the country, and only requires the submission of a temporary work contract or a letter from the employer and proof of health fitness for work. .
As you provide the study, training or qualification visa, the guarantor is one of the universities, institutes, educational or research institutions licensed in the country, and the guarantor can be a governmental or private entity for the purposes of training and qualification for a temporary period of time. The visa covers vocational training or work during the study period, and only a letter from the authority is required, including the study or training program and its duration.