Urgent.. 12 thousand new job opportunities this year

The Assistant Undersecretary for National Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Ahmed Al Nasser, revealed that the decision to localize 2% in private sector establishments that employ 50 or more workers, which the government recently issued, will create approximately 12,000 job opportunities for citizens, during the current year.

He explained in media statements, yesterday, that the job opportunities intended by the decision are not specified, as this includes open opportunities, so that private enterprises can determine their employment needs, in addition to the fact that the required qualifications are not specified, as Emiratisation includes holders of all qualifications, whether secondary or University or other qualifications, stressing that there is no obligation for companies to appoint citizens in a specific profession or sector, as it is currently up to companies to target citizens directly.

Al Nasser added that the government spares no effort in providing everything that would support the well-being and happiness of citizens, pointing out that the level of economic recovery witnessed by the country, which made it among the countries whose economy recovered quickly after the “Covid-19” pandemic, prompted the government to continue In supporting vital files of interest to citizens, which include housing, social life, quality of life, employment, and employment of citizens.

He stated that the decision is implemented to localize 2% annually, and gradually until the percentage reaches 10% in 2026, noting that the decision came as a result of an extensive study conducted by the government, with the contribution of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

He stressed that the percentage of Emiratisation that came with the decision is simple compared to large multi-sector companies, which enjoy stability, pointing out that the private sector in the country is an open and diversified sector, and creates many job opportunities.

Finally, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced a decision to raise Emiratisation rates in private establishments, which have 50 or more employees by 2%, and the decision is accompanied by unprecedented advantages, including reducing the ministry’s fees, by up to about 80% for private sector companies that It has achieved qualitative achievements in employing and training citizens in partnership with the Nafes program.

Employing 75,000 citizens

The government has allocated about 24 billion dirhams to the Nafes program to employ 75,000 citizens in the private sector over the next five years.

The program, which was launched by the government in September of last year, includes 11 initiatives that varied between salary support, which is a new step, training and rehabilitation of citizens, the guidance and awareness initiative, and others. The labor market, and supplying it with the required national cadres and competencies.