Urgent.. 6 conditions for granting foreign workers 10-year residency in the UAE

The new system of visas and residence, which has recently begun to be implemented, has set six conditions for issuing a golden residence permit for specialists, as it confirmed that the permit is granted to this category on the basis of employment (active work) for those who meet these conditions, including that their monthly salary is not less than 30 thousand dirhams. or its equivalent in foreign currencies.

It also required this category, that the person obtain a work permit in the country, under a valid work contract in the country, and be of the category of skilled workers at the first or second professional level, according to the professional classification approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and that the minimum For educational level, a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

It is also required to have a license to practice a profession for professions that require that, including a doctor, pharmacist, teacher and others, and to have an effective comprehensive health insurance for him and his family members when applying for a golden residency, or as is in force with the competent local authority.

The category of specialists included in the golden residency appendix attached to the cabinet decision regarding the issuance of the executive regulations of the law on entry and residence of foreigners, included several categories, namely, the elite specialists in the fields of education, health, industry and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and skilled workers from specialists at higher professional levels, according to the classification approved in The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, which includes the categories of chiefs and executives at the first professional level, and specialists at the second professional level, namely: specialists in science, engineering, and health, whether doctors, dentists, pharmacists, specialists in nursing, hearing, speech, sight and physical therapy, and nutrition, among others. Vital health specialties.

It also includes specialists in higher, general and professional education, developers of educational curricula, advanced teaching and assessment methods, education of the gifted and people with special needs and others, business and management professionals such as financial and investment advisors, financial analysts, e-commerce, digital marketing and others, and information technology specialists, including analysts And software and application developers, specialists in data science, artificial intelligence and information security, as well as specialists in law, sociology and culture, including lawyers, judges, economists, sociologists, philosophy, politics, history, authors, journalists, linguists, and plastic arts (galleries and museums, sculptors, musicians, singers, directors, actors and broadcasters).

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Port Security, after the approval of the competent authorities, as the case may be, issues a long-term residence permit for a period of 10 years, subject to renewal, for certain categories of foreigners and their families, allowing them to self-reside without the need for a guarantor-host, within the country, for the purpose of work or investment. Or establishing a business or settling in the country, in accordance with the conditions set forth in this resolution.

6 months visa to finalize the procedures

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security stated that it is possible to apply for an entry permit for a period of six months, extendable for a similar period, to facilitate the completion of the procedures for obtaining golden residency, and the transaction is received by e-mail.

And she indicated that this permission includes the categories of “investors, whether public or real estate investors, entrepreneurs - owner and founder of a project, owners of specialized talents such as doctors, scientists, creative people of culture and art, inventors, specialists in priority scientific fields, athletes, certificate holders.” PhD, specialists in the fields of engineering and science, epidemiology and viruses, artificial intelligence, big data, computer engineering, electronics engineering, programming engineering, electrical, genetics and biotechnology, brilliant students, who are high school students, university students.”

Steps to obtain a visa

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security indicated that the steps for obtaining a visa begin with accessing the smart services system through the digital identity or the user name, searching for the service to be applied for, filling in the application data where applicable, paying the service fees (if any), and finally receiving Transaction via email.

The application and issuance fees amount to 1100 dirhams, in addition to 50 dirhams for electronic services and the Federal Authority, and the service fees may vary according to the data entered in the application according to the authority.

The application is canceled electronically after 30 days in the event that the application is returned due to deficiencies in the data, or the required documents are not completed. The application was rejected by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.