Urgent .. 7 disciplinary penalties for the violating employee

7 types of administrative penalties to correct the violating employee

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called on employers to abide by the development of a list of penalties, indicating each of the disciplinary penalties included in Article No. (39) of the Federal Decree-Law on regulating the work relationship.

The ministry stated, in an indicative publication that it broadcast on its official pages on social media platforms, that the employer or his representative may impose on the violating worker any of the seven types of penalties mentioned in the decree-law, which are written attention, written warning, and deduction from wages including The wage does not exceed five days per month, suspension from work for a period not exceeding 14 days, non-payment of wages for days of suspension, deprivation of the periodic bonus for a period not exceeding one year (for establishments that adopt the periodic bonus system, and the worker is entitled to it), and denial of promotion (In establishments where there is a system of promotion), for a period not exceeding two years, and dismissal from service while preserving the worker’s right to an end-of-service gratuity.