Urgent: A shocking announcement of health for all residents

A short while ago, in urgent news, it was reported that a new disturbing statement and a shocking announcement by the World Health Organization related to the Corona virus mutant, which recently spread under the name Omicron.

In this context, the World Health Organization issued a new statement a few hours ago on Saturday, that the new mutated Corona virus called Omicron shocked the world and is spreading in at least 89 countries, stressing that cases of the new mutant are multiplying rapidly.

In a related context, the World Health Organization issued a new statement, in which it revealed that the mutated Corona virus, Omicron, records a very rapid case of spread between countries and countries, even in areas with high levels of vaccination.

The Health Organization has indicated that it has not yet been revealed whether the reason for the rapid spread of Omicron is related to the ability of the new mutant to resist Corona vaccines and immunity, or whether it has a great ability to spread or both capabilities.

For its part, the World Health Organization has confirmed that the speed of Omicron’s spread is much greater than the speed of Delta’s spread, and therefore there are many recent indications that expect Omicron to become the dominant mutator during the coming period, although many questions about it are still unanswered.