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In this context, the Director General of the Department of Finance in the Government of Dubai His Excellency Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Saleh stated that based on the directives of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates to focus on investing in national human resources, the Department of Finance has issued a special program to qualify new graduates from young citizens and prepare them for the labor market and that the program For a new, the so-called "Opportunities" is concerned with qualifying national competencies of young graduates with financial specializations, and enabling them to take the first step in their career.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Planning and Public Budget Sector at the Department of Finance, Arif Abdul Rahman Ahli, confirmed that the "Foras" program is concerned with qualifying young graduates with financial specializations, and helps to put them firmly and confidently on the first path in their careers, and added: "The Department of Finance has always been proactive. In working to support Emiratisation initiatives, it is today introducing the “Foras” program to emphasize the importance of the government’s role in employing citizens, as well as the importance of integration between the government sector and the private sector in this field, and unifying national efforts to achieve Emiratisation goals.

It is worth noting that the "Foras" program lasts for 12 months, and is presented in two phases:

The first is for 4 months, and includes training courses to ensure that affiliates acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to perform the chosen job roles.

The second is for 8 months and includes work in a government or private agency sponsored by the Department of Finance. The trainee is given a monthly stipend, in addition to paid vacation. Trainees in this program are subject to a development plan designed to suit each trainee, and it includes theoretical and functional training in the workplace through a set of training courses that ensure the development of technical, managerial and leadership skills.

The Executive Director of the Planning and Public Budget Sector at the Department of Finance, Arif Abdul Rahman Ahli, stated that young graduates wishing to participate in the "Foras" program can access the program's registration page on the department's website to view the terms and conditions, fill in the data and attach the CV. (Link to the page: This is according to what was published by Al Bayan newspaper.