Urgent.. Amending the health insurance system for employees

Yesterday, the representative of His Highness the Ruler of Ajman for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, issued Resolution No. 17 of 2022 amending Resolution No. (30) of 2020 regarding the health insurance system in the government of Ajman.

This decision comes based on what was presented by the Director General of the Human Resources Department of the Government of Ajman regarding the amendment of the health insurance system in the Government of Ajman, and after submission to the Legislation Committee in the emirate.

The first article of the decision stipulated replacing the text of Article (2) of Resolution No. (30) of 2020, which includes the scope of the health insurance system, so that the system is applied to all employees of local government agencies in the Emirate of Ajman, in which Emiri Decree No. (4) is applicable. For the year 2017 regarding the issuance of the Human Resources Law in the Government of Ajman and its executive regulations, with the exception of the employee appointed on a temporary contract, and the application also applies to any party other than the bodies mentioned in what the legislator decides in the local legislation issued for its establishment, or for its reorganization, subjecting its employees to the provisions of the law.

The decision authorized the addition of any entity within the Emirate of Ajman to be included in the insurance system with the written approval of the ruler’s representative, based on the recommendation of the Human Resources Department. With the written approval of the ruler’s representative, any person may be added to be covered by the insurance policy and according to the instructions and directives issued by him in this regard.

And Article (1) of the decision specified replacing Article (4) of Resolution No. (30) of 2020, which is concerned with the beneficiaries of the insurance system, and includes first the citizen employee, where the citizen employee and his family are entitled to health insurance under this system, and his family members continue to be entitled to health insurance until Termination of the employee’s service, or the end of the marital relationship for the husband, or the son’s work or his reaching the age of twenty-one Gregorian years, whichever is earlier, for male children unless one of them suffers from a handicap or disability that prevents him from working according to a certificate from the competent authorities in the state, or in the event The daughter’s work or marriage, unless she is widowed or divorced. The decision clarified that in all cases, the insured is required not to be covered by any type of health insurance with the government.

Second: The non-national employee includes employees of the first degree up to the fourth degree, and he and his wife and three children are entitled to a maximum, and employees of the fifth degree up to the eighth degree, and he and his wife and children are entitled to a maximum of two, and employees of the ninth degree until the tenth degree are entitled to him and his wife only, and employees of the eleventh degree up to The fourteenth degree for the employee only, according to a set of conditions, the most important of which is the issuance of a health insurance card for the employee and his family in accordance with the requirements for issuing residencies issued by the competent authorities in the country, including employees who obtained golden residency, and that the insured is not covered by any type of health insurance For any other party within the state, and the age of the children should not be more than (18) years, whether they are male or female.