Urgent.. Announcing cases of applying additional working hours to employees daily

In an urgent report, it was stated that employees worked overtime in the United Arab Emirates, in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

In this context, a ministerial statement was issued by Human Resources and Emiratisation, in which it identified about 4 cases that allow owners of work establishments in the private sector the right to apply additional working hours to workers.

Controls and cases of applying overtime hours to workers in the private sector:

Overtime working hours shall not exceed two hours during the day and shall not exceed this except according to the terms of the executive regulations of the law regulating working hours, provided that it does not exceed 144 hours every 3 weeks.

Second: That the worker receives a wage equal to the wage corresponding to the normal working hours for the additional working hours, with the addition of an increase that is not less than (25%) of that wage.

Third: In the event that the worker works overtime between 10 pm and 4 am, he shall be entitled to the prescribed wage for the additional time, in addition to an increase of no less than (50%) of that wage, and shift workers are excluded from that.

Fourth: In the event that the worker is employed on a rest day specified in the work contract, or specified in the work regulations, he shall be compensated with another day of rest, or he shall be given the wage of that day according to the wage established in relation to the normal working days, plus an increase of no less than (50 %) of the basic wage for that day.