The security and health authorities in the Gulf states issue an important warning to the population to prevent leaving the homes except for the most urgent need.

In the UAE:
The Ministry of Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis Authority called on citizens and residents to adhere to the instructions issued by the relevant health and security authorities, foremost of which is prohibiting gatherings, and that leaving the house is only necessary or for work reasons, and for the purpose of purchasing basic needs of medicine, food, and roaming for personal cars of the family from the same house And for a maximum of three people in every car without going to public places while maintaining safe distances when mixing with the family and adhering to the precautionary measures and taking into account social separation, according to the Emirates News Agency (and Mother )

It also called on them not to go to hospitals except in critical or necessary cases.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior and the National Emergency Authority stated that subsequent instructions will be issued regarding the use of public transportation, taxis and other means of transportation. Note that the Law on Communicable Diseases applies penalties for violators in this regard, which amount to imprisonment or a fine.

In Saudi Arabia:
King Salman issued royal orders to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus, and he, may God preserve him, issued the following:

First: Preventing wandering to limit the spread of the new Corona virus from seven in the evening until six in the morning for a period of (21) days from the evening of Monday 28 Rajab 1441 AH, corresponding to 23 March 2020 AD.

Second: The Ministry of Interior shall take all necessary measures to implement the curfew, and all civil and military authorities shall cooperate fully with the Ministry of Interior in this regard.

Third: It is excluded from the curfew the representatives of the vital sectors of the public and private sectors whose work requires the continuation of their performance during the prevention period, and that includes employees of the security, military and media sectors, and workers in the sensitive health and service sectors, in which a detailed statement is issued by the Ministry of Interior, taking into account that This shall be in the narrowest scope and in accordance with the procedures and controls set by the concerned authority.