The CEO of Emirates Airlines, Adel Al-Rida, said that the airline intends to employ about 10,000 employees during the current fiscal year, which ends next March, in order to support the airline’s operations and keep pace with the rapid recovery of the sector, noting that “Emirates Airlines” Recently, recruitment campaigns have been organized in many cities around the world.

Al-Rida added, in statements to "Emirates Today", that "the carrier will need about 5,000 employees in the air service sector (hospitality crews), along with about 1,000 employees for flight crews, and about 1,500 jobs in the information and technology sector, in addition to job opportunities in other sectors. Others,” indicating that this large number of employees, during a relatively short period of time, may constitute a challenge during the current period.

recruitment campaigns

Last May, Emirates Airlines announced that it had organized recruitment campaigns in 30 cities around the world to attract employees to the air services crew team on its planes, noting that the campaigns included Australia as well as Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt and European cities.

The Emirates Hospitality team includes more than 160 nationalities, which reflects the mix of the airline’s customers and its international operations in more than 130 cities across six continents. All Emirates crew members work from Dubai, and the airline provides them with excellent accommodation and a tax-free salary. And many other advantages depending on the carrier.


The Emirates Group issued its annual financial report 2021-2022, which showed a strong recovery across all of its business, noting the return of dnata to profitability, with Emirates airline revenues recording a significant improvement. The group said in its annual report that, with the acceleration of the recovery of operations, it recalled "Emirates Airlines" and "dnata", and re-employed workers who were on temporary leave or were dismissed from their work. Recruitment campaigns were organized to renew and enhance the future talents and capabilities of the group. As a result, the total number of employees in the Emirates Group increased by 13% to 85,219 employees representing 160 different nationalities.