Urgent.. Employees in the state are granted 60% of their basic salary due to the

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul-Mannan Al-Awar, stated that the unemployment insurance system achieves job security and stability for the employee and worker in the federal and private sectors, as the unemployed will receive about 60% of his basic salary, for a certain period, with a maximum of 20,000 Dirhams, and the system includes citizens and residents, and the worker receives it, whether inside or outside the country.

He added that the private sector will work within the framework of providing the insurance system against unemployment, through the various insurance companies in the country, which is a successful market, while the role of the government will be governance and regulation, setting work mechanisms and ensuring their success.

Al-Awar said, during a media briefing organized by the ministry yesterday, at its headquarters in Dubai, on the new federal law on unemployment insurance, and the decision to raise the current Emiratisation rates at a rate of 2% annually for skilled jobs in private sector facilities, and to achieve an overall increase rate of 10% in employment. In 2026, insurance against unemployment will be applied to workers in the private and federal sectors, and participation in it will be through an integrated system, through an insurance product in which the employee participates, explaining that the insurance packages are divided into basic packages and enhanced packages, where the basic packages will be practical. Significantly, and will not add an exorbitant cost to the worker, but it achieves the purpose of subscribing to it. As for the enhanced packages, they can be subscribed to based on the choice of the employee or worker, and the packages will enable the beneficiary to benefit from a certain amount of wages during his downtime, within a specific time frame, and the announcement will be made. More details later, in cooperation with partners.

The minister told «Emirates Today», that the insurance against unemployment will apply unified standards, conditions and procedures for the two sectors, and this comes within the creation of a unified governance framework for the labor market in the UAE.

He added that the country's economy is one of the most prominent economies in the world in terms of job creation, and our economic indicators in 2021 and 2022 confirm the aspirations and expectations for the coming years, pointing out that the labor market in the country will increase job creation. He stressed that the positive indicators of work in the country came as a result of the directives of the leadership of the state and the government, and based on the growth witnessed by the labor market at rates that exceed its counterparts in other markets, indicating that job opportunities will remain available to all, and that government programs will continue to provide opportunities for support and incentives, to empower companies The private sector can continue to grow, and then it can be emphasized that Emiratisation does not mean replacement, because what the market is witnessing is growth in job opportunities and average wage rates, supports the idea of ​​creating jobs, in addition to that the state aims to attract global competencies to the Emirates, to enhance the activity of The national economy.Al-Awar indicated that the unemployment allowance will apply to employees and workers in the government and private sectors, regardless of nationality, and this system will provide an opportunity to ensure an environment that achieves greater reassurance for workers, and provides flexibility for the worker to agree on better benefits with the service provider, as he will be provided Through the basic line system of the unemployment insurance system, the system allows to provide greater benefits depending on the worker's agreement with the service provider.

Al Awar stressed that the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, of the decision to raise the target of Emiratisation rates, and the Federal Law on Insurance against Unemployment, is a new stage of enhancing the business environment in the UAE, contributing to Improving the empowerment of national competencies and cadres, consolidating partnership with the private sector, increasing the attractiveness of the labor market in the country, and its ability to attract local and international talent, through a package of incentives and safety nets that support healthy and sustainable economic growth.

And he indicated that the next stage will witness giving a major priority to economic development, and enabling human capital to reach the goal of "building the best and most active economy in the world", which requires integrated solutions that respond to the needs and aspirations of society and individuals, enhance and support local resources, ensure the flexibility of the economy, and consolidate Position the country as a capital for talent, companies, and investments.

He stressed the leadership’s interest in enhancing the role of national cadres and empowering them at all levels, while looking forward to participate actively and constructively in the country’s labor market, pointing out that increasing their role in the labor market will contribute to strengthening the capabilities of the national economy and supporting the growth of private sector companies’ businesses, stressing the importance of their contribution In launching new economic sectors, promoting innovation, and increasing levels of stability in the labor market.

Al-Awar said that the decision to raise the percentage of Emiratisation annually in private sector companies is accompanied by unprecedented advantages, including reducing the fees of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, by up to about 80% for private sector companies that achieve qualitative achievements in the recruitment and training of citizens in partnership with the “Nafis” program. ».

The media briefing organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation on the opportunities provided by the Cabinet’s approval presented raising the target of the current Emiratisation rates at a rate of 2% annually, for skilled jobs in private sector companies and establishments that include 50 employees or more, as part of the amendments to some provisions of the Cabinet’s decision regarding initiatives and programs Competitiveness of Emirati cadres "Nafis".

This opens new horizons for qualified national cadres with expertise and skills, within private sector companies.

Al-Awar stressed that raising the target of Emiratisation rates by 2% annually until 2026, provides national talents and competencies, especially young people, with new options in the labor market, within local, regional and international companies eager to grow and expand their businesses in the region, based on the integrated and flexible business environment that Provided by the UAE.

He pointed out that the violation of achieving the prescribed Emiratisation rate is 6000 dirhams per month for each citizen who is supposed to be educated