Urgent.. Implementation of the decision to end the school day early on Monday in some schools

Private schools that implement the British curriculum have decided to close early Monday, in honor of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and have informed the students' parents that their children may be absent on that day if the new date for the end of the school day is not suitable for them.

In detail, private schools sent letters to the students' families, stating that on Thursday, September 8, the great world leader, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away. Throughout her long period as a queen, she designed all the qualities we wish to see in ourselves and in our children, foremost of which is humility, mercy, courage and faith. He pointed out that as a sign of our respect and with the approval of the responsible educational authorities, the school will be closed early "11.45 am on Monday 19 September, due to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The letter received by the students’ families stated that on this day, Monday, September 19, Friday appointments will apply and all students must be picked up at 11.45 am. School buses will also follow the Friday schedule. Therefore, those who wish to keep their children at home this day will not affect their attendance rates, and the working papers for this day will be published on the school’s official educational website, and any meetings between the school and the students’ families on that day will also be postponed on Monday next week.