Urgent.. Important amendments to employment contracts in the private sector serving multiple nationalities

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that offers and employment contracts and the annexes attached to them are submitted to both parties of the contractual relationship, usually in both Arabic and English.

The ministry explained that it is now possible to add a third language for writing these editorials out of nine additional languages, which are "Bengali, Chinese, Dari (from Afghanistan), Hindi, Malayalam, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Tamil, Urdu", based on the desire of those who are in the process of writing. bring him to work.

In response to the questions of a number of visitors to its official website, the ministry explained that the decision to add the nine languages ​​came with the aim of reducing labor disputes and developing correct relations between the new worker and his employer, especially since informing the worker of the job offer and the appendix in his language that he understands before commencing contracting procedures with the owner. The work, which would later establish a healthy working relationship between them, especially in light of the commitment of both parties to the rights and duties stipulated in the offer, which coincide with what is stipulated in the work contract, which is the last step for establishing the work relationship.