Urgent.. Increasing the lease contract by 6% in the UAE

Sharjah City Municipality announced an increase in the percentage of rental contracts in the city of Sharjah by 6% in the first half of this year, compared to the first half of last year. Tourism, investment and residential.

Ali Ahmed Abu Ghazien, Director of the Rental Regulation Department in the municipality, confirmed that the first half of this year witnessed the ratification of 166,199 lease contracts of various types, including 133,531 housing contracts, 32,593 commercial contracts and 75 investment contracts, which reflects the growth rate and increase in lease contracts in the city. Sharjah, and embodies the municipality's keenness to provide all facilities to customers and rely on digital transformation in providing services, which contributed to the completion of the largest number of transactions in record time.
Abu Ghazien explained that the lease contract is an official document approved by the municipality and recognized to regulate the relationship between the parties to the relationship of the landlord and tenant, as through it each party guarantees his right in accordance with the laws in force in the city of Sharjah, and the municipality is always keen to educate the public about the importance of ratification, It is not considered official if it is not ratified by it.
The Director of the Rental Regulatory Department indicated that the rental contract certification service is available on the municipality’s website, so that it has become an option for the customer’s certification, and it is accomplished with ease and ease by following the required steps, filling in the necessary data, and then completing the service. Contracts can also be ratified through 12 external service centers that provide Attestation of rental contracts, issuance of clearance certificates, and many other services related to regulating the relationship between the landlord and tenant.