Urgent.. Launching a guide to monitor the lives of employees within the workplace

Launching a guide to monitor the lives of employees in the UAE within the workplace.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources intends to launch a new guiding guide to “enhance the employee experience in the federal government” during the current year, which includes directives, instructions and live examples of the best practices applied globally in the field of employee engagement and enriching their professional experiences in the work environment, taking into account the privacy of The nature of the work of each party.

The ministry stated, in its annual interactive report, that global studies and research showed that paying attention to employees’ needs and requirements during crises enhances their experiences in the organization, raises their levels of satisfaction and job harmony, and that a large percentage of employees do not want, after the end of the “Covid-19” pandemic, to return to the methods of work that was prevalent before it.

The guide is set to shed light on the most important stations in the employee’s life within the organization, and how each institution should take care of it in its smallest details, as it directly affects the employee’s impression and perception of the institution, and these stations include: (candidacy for a job, conducting a job interview, and appointment performance management, learning, rewarding achievements, the level of employee participation, and the organization’s skill in risk management).