Urgent.. Linking the worker's credit report application to the digital identity system

Al Etihad Credit Bureau affirmed its commitment to support individuals and companies in making the right decisions by offering innovative products.

The company stated that the company's credit report application has been linked to the digital identity system "UAE Pass", which helps individuals to register to enter the application using the digital identity, and access the credit report in a smooth and documented manner.

The CEO of Al Etihad Credit Bureau, Marwan Ahmed Lutfi, said that it is necessary for the individual to maintain a good credit history by constantly reviewing his credit report, given the increased use of credit reports and assessments in various sectors to make lending decisions, or grant deferred payment facilities.

He explained that the process of registering, entering and obtaining credit reports has been simplified through the company's smart application, using the digital identity "UAE Pass", which will enable millions of individuals to benefit from this feature.

According to the company, the digital identity will allow individuals to register and instantly authenticate themselves from the smart mobile application, which will shorten the steps needed to identify a person's identity, enabling credit reports to be obtained easily and conveniently.

The digital identity allows users to access many electronic services across various sectors, and authenticate access to multiple applications instantly.