Urgent.. Ministerial circular for job seekers and visa applicants

Some individuals take advantage of the need of workers from their citizens for job opportunities in the UAE, trading their dreams, and mislead them with “fake” job offers by publishing advertisements on the Internet about companies that need workers and employees, and then send to those wishing to enter the country and work with job offers in exchange for Large sums of money, with the aim of making a profit.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called on the worker who receives a job offer, and wants to verify its validity, to contact the call center (80060), or through the ministry’s website, or through the smart application.

In detail, the workers of "Emirates Today" informed that they had received job offers to fill jobs in companies within the country, and they were later surprised that these companies did not send them any offers, and the matter was no longer more than the use of their name by some.

Lotfi Jumaa, one of the victims of fraud, with a fake job offer, said: “I entered the country on a tourist visit visa, some time ago, and during my search for a job, I was sending my resume via e-mail to companies that advertised jobs on the Internet, and after my visit ended, I returned to my homeland, Then I was surprised by an e-mail from one of the companies I corresponded with, carrying a job offer.”

He added: "During the letter, the company asked me to contact a person through a phone number that was sent to me, and when I contacted the specified person, I heard from him an attractive job offer with all its details, in terms of salary, housing, and financial benefits, and then he told me that I had to pay a certain amount to extract the visa." And the travel ticket, confirming that the amount will be refunded to me a month after entering the country.”

He indicated that he submitted to the country again on a visit visa, not a work visa, and was surprised that the company that sent him the job offer does not exist, and he tried to contact the person who spoke to him about the details of the job offer, but he did not receive a response from him.

Tharwat Muhammad stated that he, like anyone, dreams of living and working in the Emirates, which prompted him to search online for jobs within the country, and after a while he received a job offer.

He said that the privileges included in the offer made him doubt its credibility, and then he consulted the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, through one of his relatives in the Emirates, to ensure the validity of the job offer, but he assured him that this offer was fictitious, with the aim of profit only, as some of the weak-hearted exploit a need. Young people to job opportunities, and trade their dreams, with fake job offers.

Ahmed Al-Nadi (engineer) stated that he had received a job offer from one of the employers in the country, through one of his friends, and the offer included a monthly salary of 4000 dirhams, and that he would work as a manager of a project completed by the employer’s company, indicating that the offer was better than what he receives in his country, So he left his job and came to the state in search of a new job opportunity.

After entering the state, the employer told him that his salary was 1500 dirhams, and that he would work with one of the construction teachers, not a project manager, adding: “I was shocked by the change in the job offer, so I decided to return to my homeland, because my financial and working situation was not bad that prompted me to accept.” with such low privileges.

For its part, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that any worker wishing to verify the validity of the job offer submitted to him can contact the call center (80060), or through the ministry's website, or through the smart application.

The ministry indicated that the employer who wishes to employ any worker must use the contract form approved by the ministry, which is identical to the job offer when requesting the issuance of the permit. It contradicts the provisions of the decree-law, its executive regulations and relevant ministerial decisions.

The ministry confirmed that the existence of the job offer and its conformity with the contract are among the conditions for issuing a work permit to the applicant facility.

It is noteworthy that the job offers forms approved by the ministry bear a serial number "barcode", which facilitates verification of their validity through the aforementioned channels.