Urgent.. New amendments to employment contracts to serve employees

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced that amendments have been made to the provisions of the Federal Decree-Law on regulating labor relations, the most prominent of which includes the conclusion of an employment contract for a specific period that can be renewed in accordance with what is agreed upon by the parties to the contractual relationship without setting a ceiling for the term of the contract, in order to ensure the protection of the rights of both parties to Towards a balanced way that enhances the growth and stability of the labor market and enhances the economic competitiveness of the UAE.

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Manan Al Awar, said: “The UAE government continues to develop legislation and laws in line with the development requirements for the next fifty years and in a manner that supports the stability, flexibility and attractiveness of the business environment in accordance with the advanced development model of the state and the foundations and principles based on the rules of justice and respect for rights. And keeping pace with the changes to ensure the continued progress, stability and leadership of the UAE.”

He added: "The new amendment serves the objectives aimed at creating an advanced system of mechanisms that enhance the ease of business, productivity and flexibility of the labor market and its attractiveness to business owners and the elite of human skills and competencies, while enhancing the competitiveness of Emirati national cadres and activating their role in achieving the priorities of the fifty."

The Federal Decree-Law for the year 2022 includes the new amendment, which stipulates that the work contract is concluded for a specified period, which can be renewed according to what is agreed upon by the two parties.

The Federal Decree-Law on Regulating Labor Relations has created various work patterns that allow employers to meet their labor needs and benefit from their productivity and energies at the lowest operational costs, by working in a full-time, flexible, temporary and part-time mode, in parallel with providing multiple options for employers. To employ workers whose contracts have expired through flexible and easy procedures.