Urgent.. New facilities for family members coming to the UAE

Granting the validity of residence for 5 years to those coming to the UAE under the powers of green residency.

Duration of Green Residence Visas:
The Emirates Digital Government reported that the green residence is a type of residence visa created in 2021, and allows its holder to reside in the country for a period of five years, without the need for a guarantor, host or employer sponsor, and the residence is renewable upon its expiration.
Advantages of bringing family members to green residence holders:
She stated that the green visa provides five advantages to its holders more broadly compared to the regular residence visa, including:
First: Granting greater benefits to the recruitment of family members residing in the country.
Second: Simplifying the requirements and requirements for obtaining residence permits of all kinds, for the spouse, children and first-degree relatives.
Third: Raising the age of children to 25 years, after it was only 18 years.
Fourth: Providing a residence permit to unmarried girls, regardless of age.
Fifth: Granting children of determination a residence permit with their families, regardless of age.
Sixth: Flexible grace periods of up to six months after expiry or cancellation of residence.
Validity of residence for family members:
It indicated that the validity period of residence for family members is the same as the original residence visa holder.