Urgent.. New job opportunities in 1420 employers

A statistic conducted by "Emirates Today", on the extent of the interaction of institutions and employers affiliated with the private sector, with the initiative to link the "national added value" program with the Emirati cadres competitive program (Nafes), a significant increase in the number of companies and employers that joined the platform for recruitment, qualification and training of citizens. (Nafes), after registering 410 employers on the platform during the past week, bringing the total number of employers to 1,420 establishments, offering thousands of jobs and training opportunities for national cadres.

The "Nafis" platform, which is affiliated with the Emirati Competitiveness Council, is considered the "National Value Added" program, one of the "50 projects" programs and initiatives, aimed at achieving a qualitative leap in the development path in the UAE, and developing the national economy system, by stimulating the provision of opportunities Work for citizens in the industrial sector, supporting the growth of companies operating in it, ensuring business sustainability, and the continuity of national economic growth, in addition to supporting the private sector by employing 75,000 citizens over the next five years, at a rate of 15,000 jobs for citizens annually.

The agreement aimed to motivate companies that obtained the “national value added” certificate to increase the percentage of local content, by providing job opportunities for citizens in the private sector, in 11 industrial sectors targeted for growth, including “metals, petrochemicals, chemical products, plastics, machinery and equipment, defense industries, pharmaceutical industries, technology and equipment Medical, telecommunications, food and beverage, and agricultural technology.

The Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Council explained that the agreement contributes to supporting the Emirati human development system and helps prepare productive and sustainable Emirati human capital, in addition to supporting initiatives and programs to encourage citizens and companies to take advantage of the benefits it provides, with the aim of helping Emirati cadres work in the private sector. In addition to providing educational opportunities on the employment of citizens in the private sector, and programs to familiarize citizens with, enable them to become familiar with the initiatives and programs of "Nafis", and encourage them to join the private sector.

The Council considered that the remarkable demand from employers to register with the Nafes platform to offer job and training opportunities to citizens is a clear reflection of the attractiveness of the industrial sector in the country by local and foreign investors, and a product of government incentives supporting the growth of the industrial sector, noting that the Nafes program seeks as a A strategic partner for the private sector, to provide opportunities and conditions for employers, to help them empower and develop the Emirati cadre, and to join the private sector, including the industrial field.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the agreement signed with Nafes is in line with the objectives of the ministry's national strategy.

3500 jobs

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), during the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the Emirati Competitiveness Council (Nafes), to accelerate the recruitment of Emirati competencies in the private sector, announced its success in recruiting more than 3,500 skilled and competent nationals in private sector companies operating within the supply chain. ADNOC’s business and activities, since the launch of the “ADNOC” program to enhance the local added value in 2018.