Urgent.. Obligating a foreign expatriate to pay 7000 dirhams of visa fees that she did not extract

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims ruled obligating a girl to return to another 7,000 dirhams she had obtained in return for obtaining a work visa and residence permit for her.

In the details, a girl filed a lawsuit against another, demanding that she pay her an amount of 7,000 dirhams that she had obtained from her in exchange for obtaining a work visa without implementing the agreement, in addition to 2,000 dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages she sustained, noting that she handed the defendant over 5000 dirhams to obtain a work visa and residence permit for her, and after a while I informed her that she had obtained the residence permit and asked her 2000 dirhams to complete the procedures. Via WhatsApp.

During the consideration of the case, the defendant submitted in person and submitted a reply memorandum in which she argued that the case was not accepted for lack of capacity. The case was also rejected, while the court decided to direct the decisive oath to the defendant, but it refused to take the oath.

The court stated in the merits of the ruling that, according to the Federal Law of Evidence, each of the two litigants, in any state of the lawsuit, may direct the decisive oath to the litigant to resolve the dispute between them, and whoever is directed to whom the oath is directed, and we relinquish it without returning it to his opponent, loses his lawsuit, noting that The court responded to the plaintiff’s request and asked the defendant whether she was ready to take the oath, but she refused to take the oath, and then the court considers her to be violating the oath, and the defendant did not request the return of the oath, and accordingly the court decides for the plaintiff with her requests.

The court indicated that it was proven that the defendant had failed to implement her obligation to pay the amount delivered to her, which would lead to an error necessitating liability in her right and the plaintiff’s right as a result of seizing her money with the defendant, a damage represented in her missed earnings and loss from not benefiting from the amount, as well as her feeling Grieving that her right was not met, the court ruled obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiff 7,000 dirhams and an amount of 400 dirhams in compensation for all damages, in addition to obligating her to pay fees and expenses.