Urgent.. Officially delaying the payment of employee salaries in 4 cases

The UAE digital government has identified four categories that are excluded from the commitment to the wage protection system, as the employee who filed a wage-related labor complaint referred to the judiciary, the employee against whom a report of work interruption has been registered, the new employee within 30 days of entitlement to wages, and the employee who is licensed without pay are excluded. During the leave period, provided that proof of this is submitted.

It is worth noting that under the protection system, the wages of workers in private sector establishments are transferred through banks, exchange companies and financial institutions providing service, through the establishment of partnerships with the banking sector and financial institutions in the country.

The Wages Protection System was developed by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates with a technology that allows the ministry to create a database and information on the payment of wages to workers in the private sector, and to determine the extent of the commitment of the operating establishments to pay wages in the agreed time and amount.

4 categories excluded from “wage protection”:

First: The employee who submitted a complaint referred to the judiciary.

Second: The employee who is out of work.

Third: the new employee within 30 days of entitlement to the wage.

Fourth: The employee who is licensed without pay.