Urgent.. Officially determining procedures for resolving labor disputes in the Emirates

"Human Resources and Emiratisation" defines procedures for resolving labor disputes.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that it implements transparent procedures that guarantee the right of the contracting parties (the worker and the employer), to file a labor complaint, in the event of a dispute between them.
Specific procedures include; First: If the employer, worker, or any person entitled to them disputes any of the rights deriving from either of them under the provisions of the Federal Decree-Law on the Regulation of Labor Relationships, he must submit a request for that to the Ministry, where it examines the request and takes what it deems necessary to settle the dispute amicably between them. .
Second: If amicable settlement is not possible, the ministry must refer the dispute to the competent court within 14 days from the date of submitting the request, and the referral will be accompanied by a memorandum containing a summary of the dispute, the arguments of the two parties and the ministry’s recommendation. Expeditiously.
Fourth: The worker has the right to claim two months' wages in the event that he continues to work during the validity of the labor dispute referred to the judiciary. In this case, the Ministry may compel the employer to pay that wage or refer the complaint in this regard to the judiciary.