Urgent.. Owners of driving licenses from some countries can exchange them at educational institutes in Dubai

Starting today, holders of driving licenses from some countries can exchange them at educational institutes in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai announced that, starting today, holders of Singaporean driving licenses will be able to obtain a driver's license issued by the Emirate of Dubai by submitting an application through driving institutes instead of customer happiness centers. The validity of the UAE license issued under the substitution extends for one year for those under 21 years of age and two years for customers who are 21 years of age or older. The documents required to be submitted with the replacement request include the original driver’s license for the excluded countries, and the owners of paper driving licenses must bring a letter from the consulate, in addition to an electronic copy of the result of the eye test, the original valid Emirates ID, as well as a legal translation of the original license if it is not in a language Arabic or English.

Customers can complete their transactions according to the following procedures:

The customer submits the required documents at the Driving Institute.
The driver's license data is validated.
A traffic file is opened if the customer is applying for the first time.
An appointment is booked for a knowledge test.
The customer pays the fees at the center.
An electronic copy of the receipt is sent to the email registered in the system and a text message is sent to the phone number containing a link to download a copy of the transaction receipt.
If the customer passes the knowledge test, the driver's license is printed and handed over to the customer.
Service fee
The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has set the service fees for Singaporean license holders as follows:

200 dirhams fee for opening a learning file.
100 dirhams fee for issuing a learning form.
AED 50 Safe Driving Manual.
400 dirhams immediate knowledge test fee.
300 dirhams driving license issuance fee.
20 dirhams innovation and knowledge fee.