Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to be careful due to rainy weather conditions, and to abide by the variable speed shown on signs and electronic signboards.

Separate areas in the city of Al Ain witnessed good rains of varying intensity. Light rains began at five in the evening on Al Ain International Airport and Salamat, and light to medium rains over Al Maqam, Al Amara and separate areas in Al Ain.

The lowest temperature in the country was recorded on Saturday morning, 22.3 degrees Celsius, in Barakah, Al Dhafra region, at 06:00 am, while the highest temperature was recorded in the country.

49.8 degrees Celsius in Sweihan at 2:15 pm and UAE University in Al Ain at 3:30 pm Emirates time.

And the National Center of Meteorology expected that the weather today, Sunday, will be hot in general and dusty at times, and some clouds will appear over the southern eastern regions, which may be cumulus in the afternoon, with high temperatures, and humid at night and Monday morning, with the possibility of light fog forming over some coastal areas, especially To the west, the winds are southeasterly to northeasterly light to moderate, brisk at times, exciting and laden with dust, especially to the east, which may reduce horizontal visibility, speeds from 15 to 25 up to 40 km/h, and the sea is light in waves in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčOman.

He pointed out that the weather tomorrow, Monday, is hot during the day and clear in general, and clouds will appear to the east in the afternoon, and humid by night and Tuesday morning over some coastal areas, and the winds will be southeasterly shifting to northwesterly, light to moderate speed, brisk at times.