Urgent.. Preventing residents from working in some professions soon

In this context, the Department of Localization of the Tourism Sector, at the Dubai College of Tourism, affiliated to the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, stated that students from schools and universities aged 16 to 19 can register for the summer training program, whose third edition will start on the first of next July, according to the learning system. Remotely, as part of the initiatives to localize the tourism sector.

Those wishing to join the program can also register through the “Medyaf” account in “Instagram” @Medyaf_Dubai, pointing out that the “Medyaf” team will communicate with the applicants for interviews via remote communication channels.

The administration stated that the aim of the training program is to provide male and female participants with information and skills about the sector and to familiarize them with the promising opportunities it provides to citizens and their role in supporting the sector's success and prosperity.

The summer training program will also be implemented, according to three courses, each of which is five days, in a distance learning system, and the participating students will be granted accredited training certificates, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.