Urgent statement .. about the cancellation of 85% of jobs soon and replacing them with others

In this context, preparations are being made to launch the activities of the "Rewired" summit on education, during the "Expo 2020 Knowledge and Education" days, and the summit is the fifth week of the topics organized through the Expo.

On the other hand, the Rewired Summit will be held at the Dubai Exhibition Center and its activities will last for three days and end on (December 14th).

The Rewired Summit aims to:

First: To highlight the importance of ensuring access to and access to education opportunities for all.

Second: The necessity of modernizing education to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future.

Third: Research and study ways to remove the main barriers that prevent communication and communication of all parties in order to ensure reaching the desired goals.

Rewired Director Annina Matson said: The summit is part of the Rewired platform, and the platform brings together all actors from different regions of the world, in order to:

First: Collectively address all education challenges.

Second: Explore new approaches that keep pace with the changes of the modern era.

Third: Providing an opportunity for all active participants to agree on a common vision and effective measures.

In her recent statements, the director of the Rewired platform, Annina Matson, said that the recently announced percentages by the World Economic Forum indicate that 85% of the current jobs known to us will disappear within a few years, 15 years from now, and Matson asked what we have prepared. Our children for this shocking transformation? And what do we teach them for? She also wondered what skills they would need.