Urgent statement from the police regarding the work of the violating expatriate workers

The Dubai Police General Command has warned against the use of auxiliary groups in violation of the Home Work Law, because of its security risk to society and to those who deal with it, whether by direct or indirect use of that category, especially during the festive period and occasions, calling on community members to inform the relevant authorities in case of suspected violators. To preserve the security and stability of society.

Colonel Ali Salem, Director of the Department of Infiltrators in the General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations in Dubai Police, said that the Department of Infiltrators seized 948 auxiliary groups in violation of work contracts of different nationalities during the first quarter of this year, during the campaign organized by the Department of Infiltrators in the General Department of Investigation and Investigation. Criminal Court since the beginning of this year to arrest violators of various categories.

Colonel Ali Salem stressed that the campaign to arrest violators continues throughout the year, but they intensify efforts during the holy month due to the high number of violators of the auxiliary categories of their work contracts during this period.

Colonel Ali Salem explained that these workers from the support groups pose a security risk to society, as some of them resort to working the hourly system in the hope of earning a lot of money within a short period, so they seek to enter the homes under fictitious names and without proof, thus violating the laws and regulations of the use of this category. of employment.

Colonel Ali Salem called on community members to refrain from using labor in violation of its security risk and the difficulty of prosecuting them when they commit crimes and violations, and to inform the relevant authorities immediately in case of suspected violators of the residence law.