Urgent.. Stopping the overtime bonus affects the quality of services and the living life of employees

Deputy Bassem Al-Maliki confirmed that stopping overtime bonuses for employees working in the public sector affiliated with the service body It will have very large negative repercussions and repercussions on the quality of services and government work, in addition to the impact of It affects the citizen's living life.

Al-Maliki expressed his total rejection of this decision, which affects the living gains of the Bahraini citizen, especially the income group Ltd., calling on the esteemed government to reconsider this decision as many employees are adopting on these additional allowances in the conduct of their living and that the suspension will cause them a great pressure on their lives .
He explained that the sums disbursed to the citizen after overtime help them face the burdens of life with inflation and rising Prices of daily and consumer goods and the rise of most services and various goods, indicating that prejudice to the living gains of the citizen Rejected.
Al-Maliki said that many employees cannot go on annual leave and have surplus vacations due to Work pressure and lack of staff, so it is unreasonable to give him extra vacations.