Urgent.. The automated work system at the airport has been disrupted for the second time and travel has been disrupted

A few hours ago, an urgent statement was issued regarding the disruption of the system of one of the important international airports in a Gulf country for the second time and the disruption of travel movement

The airport “system” malfunctions and passengers are overwhelmed. In this context, there has been a congestion of passengers at Kuwait Airport due to an emergency situation that occurred after the automated work system was broken.
Once again... and for the second time in less than 10 days, the automated system for entering and exiting Kuwait International Airport was disrupted tonight, which led to a congestion of passengers at the airport.

A security source told Al-Qabas that the airport security men were mobilized to prevent any infiltration from the weak-minded, after the system was down.

The source added that the airport passport department employees had to use the manual system to complete the arrival procedures, in order to prevent overcrowding and overcrowding of passengers.

He pointed out that "the General Administration of Civil Aviation, in coordination with airport security, is in the process of taking a number of measures, to prevent the recurrence of technical malfunctions that impede traffic at the vital port."