inflation allowance

An official source at the Ministry of Community Development confirmed that there are developments in the disbursement of allowances for inflation, which have been divided by the Ministry of Community Development into three types: the fuel allowance, the food allowance, and the electricity and water allowance.

The ministry indicated that the disbursement of these bonuses came in the interest of it and the United Arab Emirates to provide a decent life for all families in the country with limited income.
It is worth noting that the fuel allowance was approved in the previous month of July, and the food allowance was approved from the fifth day of this month, and the electricity and water allowance will also be approved for 47,300 families to benefit from this allowance.
The ministry clarified that the fuel allowance is linked to the family's financial situation, and the food subsidy allowance according to the inflation rate of basic commodities within the United Arab Emirates.