Urgent.. The Ministry's guarantees for resolving disputes with employers

The head of the monitoring department for domestic workers at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Ahmed Al Hosani, explained that the guarantees provided, according to the Domestic Service Workers Law, are divided into two types: one of them is a six-month guarantee, which covers the health fitness of the domestic worker and his professional competence. In the event that the worker leaves his job during the probationary period, stops working without a legitimate reason, and does not wish to work for the employer without a legitimate reason, the recruitment office is obligated to refund the amounts paid to the employer, or to provide an alternative worker.

As for the second type (the warranty for two years), it is for two cases; Either the worker leaves work without a legitimate reason, or the worker does not want to work for the employer without a legitimate reason, as the worker may express his desire to leave work without reasons due to the employer. In this case, the recruitment office is obliged to return the remaining value of the contract, as stated in the executive regulations of the Domestic Workers Law.

Regarding the mechanism for submitting reports, he mentioned that if the worker stops working without a legitimate reason, and 48 hours have passed, and the employer does not know his whereabouts, he is reported through the recruitment offices or the ministry’s smart application.

Al-Hosani pointed out that domestic workers do not leave the recruitment offices for employers unless they pass a training and awareness course, according to the law, and are familiar with the customs and traditions of the community, in addition to informing the assistant worker that if he is subjected to abuse or deprivation of his rights, he should go to the Customer Happiness Center in the Ministry or Recruitment office to solve the problem with the employer.

Al Hosani said: “We have noticed during the recent period that a number of community members deal with unlicensed entities to provide assistance, and therefore we appeal to them to deal with offices licensed by the ministry, in order to preserve their rights guaranteed by law, and so that they are not vulnerable to fraud, or diseases.” carried by the domestic worker, in addition to the fact that they will be liable to legal accountability for employing domestic workers that may be in violation of the residency regulations in the country.”

He pointed out that the number of labor recruitment offices at the state level has reached 64 approved offices, in addition to offices that are under way in the future.

On the criteria for the inefficiency of domestic workers, Al Hosani said that domestic workers enter the country from different environments, and some of them have a degree of education, and some of them have experiences similar to the environment of the Emirates, and during the meeting of the employer with the assistant worker before attracting him, they agree on a number of tasks that he will perform. The worker, and the privileges he will receive, explaining that the standards of professional competence set by the law include the tasks of a nanny, driver, cook, and others.

Ahmed Al Hosani said that the ministry is working to resolve disputes that arise between employers and offices as a result of worker inefficiency. If both parties insist, complaints are escalated to the competent authorities, adding that 99% of complaints are resolved by the ministry.