The new mutated Corona virus strain imposes new repercussions amid successive warnings of increasing rates of infection of children, as scientists have warned that the new virus is considered more virulent, and the following are the full details.

In this context, a group of scientists in Britain, after conducting a quick study, revealed that the new mutated strain of the emerging corona virus, Covid 19, is rapidly spreading in the United Kingdom and has new mutations that may make children more vulnerable to infection with the new strain just like adults, and this is the difference between it and the strains that preceded it From the Coronavirus.

In a related development, Britain has fallen into a new impasse as it faces a large number of difficulties during attempts to confront the "Corona" virus, as Britain recorded a significant increase in the number of people infected with the virus and victims compared to the number of residents.

Matters have made matters more difficult in the United Kingdom, the emergence of the new mutated strain of the emerging corona virus, with the increasing social and economic damage caused by the population, as the new strain records a record speed of spread exceeding the previous virus’s spread and this is what caused Britain to face additional repercussions and consequences on Economic growth, which caused Britain to go through a very critical economic stage.

It is worth noting that many countries have suspended travel bans to and from Britain until further notice.