Urgent.. Two planes collide in the sky near the airport

Passenger plane evacuated after a report threatening the lives of passengers

Urgent.. Airport disrupted for several hours after a horrific plane landing accident and investigations began

Details of the evacuation of the arrival hall No. 2 at the airport due to a suspicious package

Urgent.. Disrupting the airport and withdrawing the plane after parts of it crashed during landing

For some shocking reason, a plane made an emergency landing, passengers fled, and the airport was closed..Details

Urgent circular to all passengers arriving and departing from the country through the airport

New Travel Conditions: Latest Procedures and Restrictions for Travelers

An armed attack on an international airport and the cancellation of flights

Urgent circular from Dubai airports for all travelers

Urgent: A passenger plane had a serious accident while approaching the airport

Tomorrow... New procedures will be applied to travelers coming from abroad at the airport

Civil Aviation: Implementing a new air system to facilitate procedures

Returning a passenger plane to the airport 40 minutes after take-off due to a violation

Urgent.. Adjusting the launch site of 1,000 flights per week at Dubai airports

Urgent.. Changing the route of thousands of flights and canceling many for emergency reasons

Urgent.. Detaining a civilian passenger plane upon its arrival at the airport due to political differences

Urgent.. The automated work system at the airport has been disrupted for the second time and travel has been disrupted

Urgent.. an important statement for all travelers through Dubai airports

Passenger plane makes emergency landing due to sudden danger

A new decision for drivers regarding the times of ban on some important roads