Dropping residency permits for 40,000 expatriates and raising visa and residency fees

New visa restrictions for travelers

Urgent.. the new fuel prices for the month of October

Urgent.. Completely lift travel restrictions with these destinations and countries

Urgent.. Banning and suspending flights between some countries

UAE: Multiple visas for 5 years.. Conditions for obtaining them

Urgent.. Offering a free visa for travelers.. Details and how to benefit from it

New procedures for travel to some international destinations, starting from November 8

UAE adopts new procedures for residency and to enable the family to be brought

Urgent.. Arab schools closed due to the spread of a dangerous germ of unknown source

Conditions for obtaining a residence visa for a foreign worker and his family for a period of five years with renewal

UAE: Multiple requirements for obtaining a renewable visa

Appointment end of the general closure in New Zealand

A joint urgent statement from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Plane disappears from radar during landing

New Zealand sets one condition for ending lockdowns

New Zealand abandons the goal of vaccination and sets a new strategy to confront Corona

UAE begins updating entry protocols for incoming travelers

Imposing fines on some residents when renewing residency..Details

An exceptional paid holiday for all employees for 3 days.

Urgent.. once again announcing the ban on flights to and from 6 countries

Urgent.. Countries start activating travel ban decisions and new procedures for travelers

UAE changes the weekly work system and the official holiday on Saturday and Sunday

"Health" advises banning travel to and from 3 Arab countries