Urgent.. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed adopts Friday as the date of an important event for citizens and residents

Urgent.. A new mandatory insurance system to protect the interests of workers covering 6 cases

Urgent.. Details of electronic signature procedures for work contracts in the UAE

Urgent.. International Astronomy Center: An exceptional astronomical phenomenon in the UAE in a few days

An official decision to deport "violating" foreigners to their country..Details

Urgent.. Amendments to the paid public holidays law for workers in the UAE

Officially: paid vacations for workers in the UAE

UAE.. 4 steps to electronically issue an identity card and family book

Urgent.. the UAE government grants all employees in the country a new holiday

Officially.. a new paid holiday for the private and government sectors

Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

New instructions for 1064 institutions in the private sector to prevent the work of foreign residents

Officially.. Adoption of sabbatical leave for self-employment

Regions in the UAE announce 4 days of paid leave... modifying the duration of the vacation."

Urgent.. Adding a qualification program for job seekers for a period of 12 months

Important police warning to all travelers about airline tickets

Urgent.. an important warning from the Ministry of Health

Urgent.. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to postpone travel to some international destinations indefinitely

Urgent.. Thousands of airline tickets for international destinations are offered for only 120 dirhams

Urgent.. An Indian resident finds a bag with a million dirhams on his way home

Urgent.. 5.5 Richter earthquake strikes the region

The most prominent shopping centers that offer "big sale" in Dubai

Determining the maximum fees for work permits from inside and outside the country

Urgent instructions from the Ministry of Health after detecting the first case of monkeypox