A new reform regarding residence and exit and return visas

Urgent..a plane crash..and an official statement to mourn the victims

Reducing travel restrictions for travelers coming from 47 destinations

Urgent.. a mysterious disease that affects the brain begins to spread and affects embassy staff

Urgent.. Arab countries begin imposing Corona's passport on travelers, citizens and expatriates

An important warning from the authorities regarding employment contracts for expatriates

For emergency reasons .. Re-cancellation of flights to and from several destinations

For some shocking reason, a plane made an emergency landing, passengers fled, and the airport was closed..Details

Urgent warnings from the authorities.. not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary

Urgent.. Some Gulf countries grant expatriates 15 years residency

Saudi authorities reveal the circumstances of a lion wandering in the streets of the Kingdom

Urgent| A plane crashed.. on board a prominent figure, his family and others... No one survived

Gulf countries start withdrawing driving licenses from expatriates

Urgent, the UAE authorities impose new medical examinations on employees

A circular directed to all institutions and residents in the Emirates after amending the procedures to confront Corona

Urgent.. Imposing new procedures on employees, citizens and residents every week

Urgent: Arab countries impose a health passport on travelers

UAE: Updating the "Green List" of Travel Destinations

New Zealand exempts these cars from a large tax package imposed on other cars

A distinguished expatriate honored in appreciation of his cooperation..Details

Imposing 4 new conditions on employees from 18 to 60 years old

Important warning to citizens and residents: 12 smartphone applications steal bank data

Exceptions allowing residents to stay outside the UAE for more than 6 months

Etihad Airways statement on easing travel procedures to Abu Dhabi