Gulf states called on citizens of some countries to isolate themselves

Gulf countries require expatriates from some countries to write a compulsory pledge because of Corona

Corona virus cases in the UAE increased to 85 cases

Details of the examination of tens of thousands of people in the Gulf states because of Corona

Sovereign guidance for citizens and residents regarding Corona

Apply additional measures to citizens and residents of the Gulf states

Tenants exempt from paying rent due to the Corona virus crisis

Urgent: a decision to ban full curfews in some areas

Some countries refuse to evacuate their citizens because of the Corona virus

Important statement for all citizens and residents today regarding the Corona virus

Tomorrow weather: cumulus clouds and rain on separate areas

Conditions for allowing citizens and residents to go out to shopping

Urgent statement from the International Astronomy Center for all citizens and expatriates

Offering 5 drugs to treat the citizens and residents infected with the Coruna virus

The UAE Ministry of Health offers a new service that delivers treatment to homes for citizens

The South African government warns of selling some products

The Australian government announces easing restrictions on citizens

The Public Prosecution warns against using fireworks, as this could lead to imprisonment

Lunar eclipse appears in Australia next Friday

Saudi Arabia, a new initiative, mandatory examination of all citizens and expats for free

Some Arab countries decide to exempt the tourist visa for all citizens of the world

Airlines publish new travel procedures guide for travelers

Jacinda Ardern announces opening the border is dangerous for citizens at the present time