Australia and New Zealand to start quarantine-free travel

Stop granting expatriates a residence permit for more than a year at the beginning of next month

Urgent .. New Zealand removes two types of taxes from its citizens

New visa restrictions for travelers

Urgent.. the new fuel prices for the month of October

An emergency circular from the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all nationals

Urgent.. Arab countries begin imposing Corona's passport on travelers, citizens and expatriates

Urgent.. an important warning from the police and civil defense to citizens and expatriates

Updating the travel protocol for citizens of countries to which travel has been prohibited

The government repeals three controversial laws protested by citizens

UAE begins updating entry protocols for incoming travelers

Exempting expatriates from fines for delaying ID card renewal

An exceptional paid holiday for all employees for 3 days.

Urgent statement to all citizens and residents in the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Important notice from the Prime Minister of New Zealand to her citizens

"Health" advises banning travel to and from 3 Arab countries

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

New general rules for the work of citizens and residents

A new decision regarding the system of calculating the end of service gratuity for citizens and residents

«Unified Rules of Work»: 4 systems for end-of-service benefits for citizens and residents

UAE.. Issuance of a new law that begins to be applied to citizens, residents and visitors..Details

Urgent.. Adopting a new protocol and obligating citizens and residents to use it in the coming days

Urgent statement regarding travel to and from the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries during the coming period

Urgent.. Imposing new procedures on employees, citizens and residents every week