Announcing the priority in employment among those looking for job opportunities.. for humanitarian reasons

Urgent.. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed adopts Friday as the date of an important event for citizens and residents

Urgent.. Exempting travelers from visa for some destinations at the beginning of next month

New job opportunities for citizens in 5 government departments in Ajman, with salaries of 23 thousand dirhams

Allow travel to 175 countries without a visa..Details

Urgent.. 4 challenges facing job seekers in 100 government and private institutions in the UAE

Urgent.. Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi offers hundreds of scholarships to citizens and foreign residents

Officially.. new instructions for travelers to and from Emirates airports

Conditions for obtaining new job opportunities in Ajman departments and the salary from 15 to 20 thousand dirhams

Police: Issuing a damage certificate for owners of damaged cars.. How to benefit from the service

Raising the salaries of some employees in a number of sectors by 80%

Urgent.. Generalization of the electronic authentication service for citizens and residents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Urgent.. New job opportunities in 1420 employers

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed orders the disbursement of housing rewards.. in conjunction with the feast

Urgent.. A fine of one million dirhams against violators of the new federal law

Imposing new procedures and amendments to the issuance of visas for travelers to some international destinations

Urgent.. Adding a qualification program for job seekers for a period of 12 months

Urgent.. Determine the nationalities that will not need permission or a visa to enter the UAE

Urgent.. an important warning from the Ministry of Health

Urgent.. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to postpone travel to some international destinations indefinitely

New facilities for job seekers in the private and government sectors..Details

Starting today, reducing the period of green traffic and activating new decisions for citizens and residents

Important from the Public Prosecution for all citizens and residents regarding the secret numbers of electronic accounts

Now .. Cancellation of the collection of some government fees from citizens and residents