The UAE judiciary issues a ruling regarding the payment of compensation to the worker 4 million dirhams due to a work injury

Urgent.. Linking the worker's credit report application to the digital identity system "UAE Pass"

A mistake made by the driver of a vehicle causes him to be fined 600 thousand dirhams

Urgent.. New job opportunities in 1420 employers

Urgent.. 1010 employers offer jobs and training opportunities for job seekers

Urgent.. 49% of companies in the UAE intend to increase the salaries of their employees

An employee fined 1.3 million dirhams for violations at work

Beneficiaries of "Waffer" card discounts in the UAE

The new five-year visas for those coming to the UAE...Details

Urgent.. Announcing 60,000 job opportunities in the UAE in the coming weeks

Providing a training program for job seekers and obligating some companies to employ them

An official circular to all bank customers regarding the ID card

Urgent: Saving some fees imposed on residents when issuing and renewing identity

Urgent.. Ministerial circular for job seekers and visa applicants

Companies are preparing to start localizing 50% of jobs and prevent expatriates from working in them

Increasing employee salaries in 2022..Details

A new currency for the payment of salaries in the Emirates soon

Announcing a significant increase in airline ticket prices

UAE: 238 job establishments offer new jobs

New fuel prices during January

Urgent.. Some Gulf countries grant expatriates 15 years residency

"Identity and Nationality" warning of fraud by expatriate recruitment offices in the UAE

Suddenly, airlines reduce the weight of luggage and bags for passengers

An important warning from the authorities regarding employment contracts for expatriates